Embark on an Epic Journey in the Most Addictive Play-to-Earn Game on Solana

Play as Hero or Villain in a Galactic Battle on the Dark Side of the Moon.

Age of Sam Battle

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How to Play?

Progress in as little as 5 minutes per day.

Assemble an army of SAM clones and companions, harness the power of rare mutagens, research advanced technologies, acquire lunar real estate and build a state-of-the art moon base to defend against the looming Endless threat.

  • find loot & resources

    Find Loot & Resources

    Send SAM on missions to find valuable loot and scarce resources.

  • character upgrade & level up

    Level Up & Upgrade

    Gain valuable experience to level up and upgrade your characters.

  • weapon & gear crafting

    Craft Gear & Weapons

    Combine items to craft new gear and weapons as you prepare for battle.

  • Battle

    Nobody said it was easy. Put your SAM to the test in Endless battles.

  • trade marketplace

    Trade Loot & Resources

    Buy & sell loot and resources in the Lunar Trade Authority, the AOS marketplace.

  • moon base

    Build Moon Bases

    Manufacture, train, research, and build your way to success with these vital commercial hubs.



  • Upgrade

    Unlock the full earning potential of your team by upgrading your SAM to increase $SOLARIUM yield.

  • Clone

    Spend $SOLARIUM to clone a SAM identical to your existing one, with just one catch. Permadeath.

  • Mutate

    Spend $SOLARIUM to transform your SAM into a powerful Endless monster.

  • Craft

    Spend $SOLARIUM to craft new gear, powerful weapons, and special utilty items.

  • Customize

    Enhance your SAM with special skins and cosmetics available exclusively for $SOLARIUM.

  • Build

    Use $SOLARIUM to build Moon Bases where you'll manufacture loot, train your army, and research advance technologies.


Age of SAM

Explore the Dark Side of the Moon by finding loot and mining resources. Craft items, obtain land, unlock achievements and cosmetics, build moon bases and defeat the powerful Endless.

Build Your Army

Hero or Villain?

An army of genetically engineered clones sent to the moon to mine $SOLARIUM. From rookie Recruits to the unparalleled power of Emperors, discover a range of characters ready for any mission.

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