A game of cunning strategy and survival in the battle for economic dominance on the dark side of the moon.

powered by solana


After the fall of House Ether at the end of the Great Gas War, the 12 surviving factions join together to form House SOL. Using some of their best DNA, they clone 4,444 SAM (Solarium Autonomous Miners) to mine the Dark Side of the Moon for Solarium, the scarcest resource in the known Universe.

Each SAM is machine-generated and no two are alike. Every SAM NFT is a fully playable character in our upcoming sci-fi epic, p2e adventure game.


$SOLARIUM is the utility and governance token in the AGE of SAM Universe. Earn it by staking your SAM NFT on weekly Moon Missions as well as inside our upcoming P2E game. Use it to craft items, clone SAMs, run special missions and purchase and upgrade facilities to build up your Moon Base. Beware the Darkness that lingers.



  • CLONING 101

    February 2022

    4,444 SAM are cloned from the finest DNA supplied by the 12 factions of House SOL. Each one is machine-generated and no two SAM are alike.


    April 2022

    Stake your SAM ona a moon mission to earn $SOLARIUM, the scarcest resource in the known universe. Beware the “Darkness” that lingers.


    May 2022

    We launch the first chapter of our SCI-FI adventure epic. You will begin with scouting missions to acquire items, equipment, and weapons before you venture into the cold and unwelcoming depths of the “The Ruins”


    September 2022

    Use $SOLARIUM to buy, sell and trade various items, weapons, equipment and resources in our upcoming marketplace, the “Lunar Trade Authority”.


    November 2022

    Use $SOLARIUM to purchase and upgrade facilities to build up your moon base as the real battle for economic dominance on the dark side of the moon begins.


  • Sammy Deere

    Sammy Deere

    Lord of the SAMs. Commander Chronic. Shitcoin Champion.



    Discord Wizard. Runs on coffee and never sleeps. SAM teaser, people pleaser.

  • Sportsmath


    Sloppy with words, but cleans up nicely. Malcontent scribbler.



    Original Hypeman. Seals them deals. Taco and tequila feels.



    Lives inside a volcano. Spotty Wi-Fi. Meticulous code.

  • Lucas Melo

    Lucas Melo

    Draws guns and sometimes other things. Game and art dev.

  • Cap


    Doodles and dawdles. Busts caps in his free time. Artist extraordinaire.

  • lgg [Super Racer]

    lgg [Super Racer]

    Plays games, loves games, makes games. The brains behind the games.

  • fa8ster


    Or slower. Doesn't matter. Reaches out and talks to people.

  • Marual


    Has no idea she's working on an NFT project. Let's keep it that way.


  • How many NFTs will there be in the Genesis Collection?

    The Genesis Collection consists of 4,444 SAM NFTs. Each one is machine-generated and no two SAMs are alike.

  • When is the mint date?

    The AGE of SAM Mints starts on February 16, 2022 at 9AM PST.

  • What is the mint price?

    The mint price is 1 SOL.

  • Which wallets are supported?

    Phantom, Solflare, and Sollet.

  • How do I get the $SOLARIUM airdrop?

    By holding a SAM NFT in your wallet. Your SAM cannot be listed for sale on a secondary market to qualify for the $SOLARIUM airdrop. Don't have a SAM NFT? Pick one up from Magic Eden, Alpha Art, or Solanart.